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GO MINI'S containers are excellent for temporary or long term storage. The durable materials and sturdy construction of a GO MINI'S container makes it the perfect solution for most residential and commercial storage needs.

You have the choice of where you would like to "store" your loaded GO MINI, and regardless of what option you choose, your costs will not increase!

On-Site Storage GO MINI'S Facility
On-Site Storage
The GO MINI is delivered to your location and we leave it at your site for as long as you need storage. This makes access to your possessions easy and convenient. This is the perfect option for home renovation projects or businesses requiring additional storage capacity.
GO MINI'S Warehouse
The GO MINI is delivered to your location and once you have packed and secured your belongings, we pick up the MINI and bring it to our facility for storage. When you are ready for your belongings, just call our office and we will bring the GO MINI back to you. This is the perfect storage option for those people who find themselves with one home sold and a new one that is not ready to be lived in, or those traveling or working abroad for a period of time and they cannot take all of their belongings with them.

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