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  The GO MINI'S container is a high-quality storage container designed to be portable, towable, liftable, rackable, stackable and weatherproof. The GO MINI was designed with this simple concept in mind, "Deliver safe, secure and weatherproof Mini Storage On The Go to the customer's door".


Locking Roll-Up Door Vented Storage Space Maneuverable Containers

Locking Roll-Up Door: securely store your possessions while providing easy access
  8" Loading Deck: no ramps required; easy loading and unloading
  Translucent Roof: provides plenty of natural light inside the container
  Casters: provides maximum maneuverability of the container at your site
  Vented: reduces moisture and humidity that contribute to mold and mildew
  Steel Construction: welded frame with strong, secure steel siding
  Sturdy Railings: convenient for tie down straps and hanging clothes
  No Sweating: durable galvanized steel siding with baked enamel paint
  Moisture Resistant Floor: water resistant treated plywood with sealed surface

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